Two-Piece Loungewear Set (UPCYCLE)

Loungewear / Athliesure is a huge trend right now, and with Covid keeping us in our homes 80% of the time, it's not going anywhere.

I decided to take an old pair of sweats that I wasn't really wearing anymore and convert it into a cute little two piece set.

First thing I needed was a matching tee, so I hit up the thrift store and found this red tee below.

I decided to double up on the trend and add a puff sleeve to the top, so if you want to learn how to make one for yourself, keep reading!


Material needed

· Sweat pants

· matching t-shirt

· Fabric scissors

· Pins

· Sewing machine

So, I cropped these sweatpants into shorts a few months ago but I saved the legs, knowing I would want to do something with them.

I got this red t-shirt from a thrift store and we're ready to go!

Remove the Sleeves from the shirt

Cut the sleeves off along the seam.

I am making sure to cut out the seam allowance as well, so that my t-shirt has a raw edge.

Use the pant leg

No, I’m going to fit the pant leg into the old armhole.

You can either take in your pant leg to be the same width as the old sleeve, so it will fit seamlessly. Or you can pleat up the excess to create a puff sleeve.

That's what I'm doing.

In the puff sleeves, your shirt is generally larger and you basically pin it out or gather the excess fabric on around the shoulder to make it fit. That’s exactly what I am going to do.

I’m going to take my old red t-shirt sleeve and I slid all the way to the right for my underarm. I looked out how many pieces I needed to pin-out and I started gathering it. I felt that I needed another inch or two so I made another large pleat, lined it up and that was about it.

Stitch it up

Now we sew those pin tucks so it's easier to pin to our t-shirt armhole.

Now its time to pin your sleeve to your t-shit.

Flip your shirt inside out but NOT your sleeve.

Slide the sleeve inside, and begin pinning your sleeve to the armhole opening.

And we’re going to pin the shoulder seams together first. That’s the part that needs to be aligned up properly.

After that, you’re going to go to your under-arm seam and pin those together.

Now you just have to evenly distribute the rest of the fabric with lots and lots of pins. It’s a curved seam so you need to make sure that you pin it really well.

And now we’re going to stitch it all the way around to attach the sleeve with the shirt.

Try it on

Okay so when I tried it on, it looked pretty horrible. The shape of the puff sleeves just wasn’t flattering at all because it was basically a drop shoulder. Ugh.

I did not like the dropped shoulder and I knew that I needed to pull the sleeve up.

To get it back in shape, I had to seam ripped open up my whole sleeve.

Once the sleeves were removed, I tried it on and marked where my shoulder bone was.

Then I took my t-shirt, folded it in half, and cut from where I pinned my shoulder to where the normal armhole ended.

I had to make sure it fits perfectly.

Because the armhole is now bigger, I need to stretch my pant leg alot while sewing to ensure it fits in nicely.

After sewing it, I pressed it and tugged it so that it lays flat.

And it worked perfectly! I'm obsessed with this little two piece set!

I hope you'll try it out and tag me in your results!! VIDEO TUTORIAL BELOW!