The Split Tee has been a huge trend recently! It looks custom and handmade and the price reflects that. ( Insert eyeball emoji here!)

The good news is that it's actually super simple to do and I'm going to show you exactly how, step by step!

The majority of the split tees are two graphic tees mixed together, like this photo below. However, I'm not a huge fan of that look so I decided to mix 2 tie dye t-shirts together for a subtle effect. FULL VIDEO IS DOWN BELOW

Materials needed

· Two tee shirts

· Fabric scissors

· Pins

· Sewing Machine

Get two tied dye t-shirts

You can pretty much grab any two tees you want to merge. I took two shirts that are exactly the same so mine will match perfectly but that isn’t really necessary. Uneven hems and necklines are a whole other trend.. so you're good to go! :)

Cut the shirt 1 in half

Before you begin lay your shirts on each other and decide which side you want to use.

Once, that’s decided, put your ruler down in the middle and slide slightly to the right or left - to create seam allowance.

Then either use your rotary blade to cut or draw with chalk and cut with scissors.

Repeat with the next shirt

You have to do the same thing with the next shirt, making sure you move the ruler a little bit to the opposite side to give yourself the seam allowance which is about an inch.

Pin up the two sides

Now after cutting the two shirts in half, you have given them enough margins to sew them without distorting the shape of the shirt.

Pin the two fronts and the backs of the shirts together.

Make a wide stitch

After pinning, sew them up with a wide stitch to make sure it fits perfectly. Try the shirt on, if it fits well, you're ready to finalize it.

Overlock and Cut the excess cloth

If it fits well, set your machine on the overlock stitch or zig sag stitch. This will tighten up that seam and clean finish the edges.

Now cut the cloth right along the overlocked edge. (if you have a serger, this will happen automatically while you sew)

Fold back the seam allowance

The next step to follow is to fold back the seam allowance on one side or the other and then topstitch it down. Fold the seam to the left and topstitch it neatly at the front and the back. This will give your tee a neat and crisp look.

We are done!

And we're done! This can be machine washed just like and tee and looks amazing. This technique would look amazing with a sweatshirt as well!