Lace-up Dress

This is such a fun way to transform an old oversized tee into a sexy little lace up dress. You can thrift a tee like I did, or "borrow" one from your brother, husband, boyfriend ;)

Another reason I love this is that it's a three-in-one! You can wear it laced up as a dress, or separately as a crop top or skirt.


Materials needed:

· Long-sleeved tee

· Ruler

· Fabric scissors

· Gramma tape

· Lace

· Pins

· Sewing machine

What we are going to do

We are basically going to turn this long-sleeved t-shirt into a lace-up shirt with a peekaboo waist. You can also turn it into a crop top if you want. You can turn any t-shirt into a lace-up dress, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a long sleeve.

Decide where to make a cut

First of all, you need to decide where you want to cut the shirt, you can keep it high or low according to your personal preference.

I tried it on and pinned above my belly button so that the peekaboo would NOT expose my belly button which I thought would look kinda funky.

I pinned the area where I wanted to cut and used a ruler and a rotary blade to cut it straight along the pinned line.

Use of grommet tape

I am going to use a grommet tape to create a lace-up effect. There are multiple ways to use it. you can lay it across the edge of the shirt and sew it that way or use fabric glue to attach it to the fabric.

What I am going to do is, lay it face to face at the edges of the fabric, right sides together and pin it into the fabric.

After pinning it, I will sew it right along the edge and fold it down and press it down so that all the seams are hidden.

I swapped out my presser foot for the zipper foot which is very narrow. I also moved my needle all the way to the right which allowed me to sew right across the edge without hitting the metal grommets and distorting the shape of the tape.

Keep it tight to the edge to keep the trim fine.

Ironing the seam allowance

Now, I’ll be folding it open and pressing the tiny seam allowance with my iron to keep it flat.

Do it on both pieces of the shirt that you have cut and you’ll see that you can’t see a stitch from the outside, it looks clean and crisp.

Lace it up

Now after most of the work is done, you can start lacing it up. You can actually use it as a two-piece by using it as a crop top and a skirt, but I am going to lace it up with red lace.

Creating a dart

So, it looked super cute but the dress was still too big. To fix that up, I decided to create little darts to give it more of a shape.

What I did is, I pinned two grommets on either side of the top and sew a dart on them.

Then I’m going to do the same thing to the bottom. It will give the dress a flattering shape as the graphic will go in a slight V and make it look even better.

After that, I’m going to make a big dart in the back which would pull the neck together and give it more of a cute look. The seam will be created in the center of the back, all the way down to the bottom.

It will help me get rid of a lot of volume. It will still be big but a much better fit.

Cutting off the excess

After sewing everything that I pinned, I cut off the access of the fabric of the top and the bottom as well as from the darts.

Now it has more of a shape of a dress and can be worn as a skirt only as well. That’s it, we’re done. You can see how easy it is to create a dress from any oversized tee or sweatshirt!!

Watch the video below for the full tutorial!