Fringe Dress! T-shirt UPCYCLE

This is my new favorite dress and I can't believe it came together with a $2 thrifted Star Wars Tee and some left over Fringe!

You can totally do this to a cropped tee and just make it a shirt, no need to make a full dress if that isn't your steez.

I am 100% planning on making another version of this as a t-shirt because the top is so gorgeous!!

The VIDEO TUTORIAL is down below!

Material required

· A t-shirt

· Fringes

· Fabric glue

· Fabric scissors

Get a t-shirt

Okay, so I got a huge Star Wars t-shirt to turn it into a fringe dress. You can take any shirt of your preference which is big enough to be turned into a dress.

Put up the glue

So I made a huge mistake here, I put the fabric glue on the outside hem... why? I literally have no idea. It was a massive error because putting the glue on the outside means, attaching the fringes on the outside and you will see the top of the fringe trim.

Instead flip your dress inside out and apply the glue to the inside of the hem so it will be clean finished from the outside.

Attach the fringe

You are going to do a thin line of glue, then attach your fringe, then another thin line of glue and more fringe. Until you have gone around twice.

You can do just one row but will be less impactful.

Cut out the sleeves

The next thing I did was remove the sleeves.

After cutting out the sleeves, I put up the fabric glue and again, attached the fringes on the outside. Really can't figure out what I was thinking here lol

I actually went back and fixed my mistake; I folded the ends face to face and sewed it so that you can't even see the original edge.

By sewing it like this, it fixes my mistake and created a clean look from the outside.

It is still bulkier than I initially wanted, but it looks a lot cleaner.

So learn from my mistakes but DO THIS DIY because it is so fabulous!

Even with my mistakes, it's still one of my absolute favorites! VIDEO TUTORIAL BELOW!