DIY: THE Most Gorgeous Acrylic End Table / Nightstand

I made this table on Home & Family and I'm reeeeeeally into it.

It's one of those pieces that EVERYONE stopped to look at and that EVERYONE wanted to take home with them.

But I fought them off.

I fought hard.

Acrylic and Lucite furniture has come back like crazy the last few years but it's super pricey.

It's generally used in Mid Century Modern or Glam style interiors but it's a surprisingly versatile trend.

It literally disappears in the space so it's great for small space living.

It would make an awesome little Mad Men style bar too ;)

This is a beginners project :)


Acrylic Tray-

Hairpin Legs- (Mine are 28" which I think are a little high. they're good for a nightstand or a bar, but too high for an end table)

16 x Flat Head Bolts OR Regular Bolt and 16 x Decorative Washer.

16 x Nut

Power Drill

You can bring your legs into the hardware store and they will tell you what size hardware and drill bit you need.


1)Turn your tray RIGHT SIDE UP.

2) Place your legs INSIDE the corner of the tray.

(The 1/4" thickness of your tray will push the legs in 1/4" which is the exact right amount.

This is why we make our marking with the table right side up)

3) Use a Permanent marker to mark your 4 holes.

And do this on all 4 corners.

4) Drill the 4 holes on each of the 4 corners.

Be sure to start off slow and increase speed gradually so you don't crack the acrylic.

You also want to keep AS MUCH of the tray supported on the table as possible.

Only slide off a few inches so you have room to drill.

(TIP: Make sure to put a soft blanket under your table so it doesn't scratch)


5) Now Place the legs on the BOTTOM side of the tray

6) Drop the bolt and decorative washer on the top side of the tray and secure the bottom with the nut.

7) You will want to use a wrench to tighten it extra tight

This top picture is what it looks like from the top. you can see the bolt and decorative washer.

Bottom photo is what it looks like on the bottom of the table with the washer.