DIY: Floating Flower Coasters + Stationary! (Mother's Day GIFT!)

In this video I show you how to make Crystal Clear Floral Coasters and One of a Kind hand painted stationary sets that make the perfect Mother's Day Gifts!!

These are super affordable, yet look incredibly expensive.

My technique is the ultimate HACK for Resin Coasters, which are insanely tedious and very rarely come out perfectly clear.

You cant mess this version up! I promise.

And for the stationary, all you need is some poster board and paint.

I recommend using a ruler and blade, to create really crisp, even lines.


Coasters - (sold out of 4" but they have 3.5" and 4.5")

Copper Tape -

Pressed Flowers-

Poster Board - any color Paint - any type of paint

Blade -

Ruler -

Cutting Mat -



Peel one side of the protective film completely off each coaster.

These four-inch rounds look sort of cloudy because there is a protective plastic on each side. You need to peel them off in order to have them crystal clear.

Start peeling the other side of your coasters, so they will come off more easily when you're ready. I recommended peeling off the inside layer first which will help protect the side that is sitting on your surface. Lay the fully peeled side face up.

Pick your flowers

Now gather the pressed flowers you want and place them on one of the coasters.

While you're placing the flowers and moving them around, make sure that you are placing them on top of your finger to slide them and not on the Plexiglas. We need to have it nice and clear.

The less you use, the better it looks! If any of your flowers have longer stems, make sure to cut them off.

Lay the second coaster on top

Once you feel like you're done with the design, it's time to put the second coaster on top. You can easily tweak and make adjustments you want to make it look appealing.

Be sure to use the side that's already been peeled.

Sandwich them together

Use your fingers to press both the coasters together firmly. After placing both the rounds on top of each other, peel off the other side of your protective film on your coaster. This was the outer layer facing the bottom of your surface. Now the design will appear crystal clear.

Once the film is off, you might want to make a few last minute tweaks. I added a brighter purple behind the pale purple to give it a little more dimension.

Grab your copper tape

We are going to apply it to the edge of the coasters, fusing them together. Our acrylic rounds are 1/8 inch wide and our copper tape is a quarter inch wide. So, when you put both the acrylic rounds together, the copper tape fits perfectly. We have used a copper tape, you can use any color tape that you like.

Use your thumbs to push them firmly against the edges. It will perform two functions; it is going to give the edges a nice, clean, and crisp look, and the other thing is that its going to seam it up.

It will connect the two pieces together which will keep the flowers stay pressed and sandwiched in between the coasters. Make sure that you're squeezing the acrylic rounds together really tight, while you add and smooth your tape.

Do 2 layers and then cut!

You're done!! They look so dainty, delicate, beautiful and super easy to make.


Set yourself a poster board

The poster board I got was the one that my kids painted. What you need to do is grab a large piece of poster board, set your kids up with some pretty paints and let them do the job.

It doesn't need to be perfect or very pretty because we are going to chop it up into pieces. There is something extremely satisfying about doing this job.

I cut the large paper into two sizes. One was five by seven.

And for the next size I took the five by sevens and cut them into halves.

Fold it into a note card

The first option that you can avail with these pieces is take a five by seven card and fold it into the shape of a simple note card.

I chopped these an inch further to get them into a perfect proportion. I made 8 of these cards.

These are some previous cards, where the kids used acrylic paints! You can see the colors are brighter and the texture is thicker. It's totally up to, depending on the style you prefer.

Now for the smaller cards, I am taking some old thank you cards that I never use.

I am going to put my painted piece on top of it, by leaving about a quarter inch of a boarder.

It gives that effect of a fancy invitation that has a matted look. So, I am going to paste my painted card on the old thank you card, making sure that all of the painted cards are cut to be a quarter inch smaller than the thank you cards.

Glue stick worked best for the pasting. Make sure to put it diligently on the edges so that they stick properly to the card and look crisp.

Flatten the cards

Once you are done with the making, you need to flatten them and make sure that the glue stays on all the four edges strongly. Take some really heavy books and place the cards under them for the purpose.

Stationary set

I thought of making a proper stationary set so I grabbed some envelopes as well. Also, I thought what might give it more of an artistic touch is to write on the back of the cards like "Art by Blake".

This would ensure that these are custom-made, one of a kind, hand-made cards.

Wrap it

So, for this, I grabbed a shiny, pretty looking cellophane paper to wrap the cards. It can be done within no time. You put the cards in the center of the paper, wrap it, and tie a bow. And that's it, you're done!