DIY: Floating Flower Coasters + Stationary! (Mother's Day GIFT!)



In this video I show you how to make Crystal Clear Floral Coasters and One of a Kind hand painted stationary sets that make the perfect Mother's Day Gifts!!

These are super affordable, yet look incredibly expensive.

My technique is the ultimate HACK for Resin Coasters, which are insanely tedious and very rarely come out perfectly clear.

You cant mess this version up! I promise.

And for the stationary, all you need is some poster board and paint.

I recommend using a ruler and blade, to create really crisp, even lines.



Coasters - (sold out of 4" but they have 3.5" and 4.5")

Copper Tape -

Pressed Flowers-

Poster Board - any color Paint - any type of paint

Blade -

Ruler -

Cutting Mat -




Peel one side of the protective film completley off each coaster.


Start peeling the other side of your coasters, so they will come off more easily when you're ready.


Lay the fully peeled side face up


Pick your flowers and place them on one of the coasters.


The less you use, the better it looks!


Once your design is set, lay the second coaster on top.


Be sure to use the side that's already been peeled.


Sandwich them together and peel off the other side of your protective film.


Use your fingers to press them together firmly


Grab your copper tape and apply it to the edge of the coasters, fusing them together. 


Use your thumbs to push them firmly against the edges.


Do 2 layers and then cut!

You're done!!




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