DIY: Drawstring Dress out of PANTS!




I'm showing you guys how to take an old pair of pants, and turn them into a killer, drawstring dress... perfect for SUMMER!

This is a super simple pattern and super simple construction, making it ideal for beginner sewers.

This is actually one of the first dresses I made when I was learning.

The most ideal pants to work with are wide or straight leg.

Skinny jeans will not be great of this because you have really limited fabric. Stretch fabric is also ideal.

It will make the pattern even more forgiving!



1 Pair of pants

Fabric Scissors


Sewing Machine

Drawstring of some sort (ribbon, chain, shoelace, whatever!)



Cut off the waistband of your pants


Cut open the inseam 


Cut open the crotch seam


You should now have two separate pant legs. 


Lay the two pieces face to face and pin. 

Be sure to  line up any prints or hems so that it will line up when you sew.


Use a ruler to square off the top. If you have a rotary and cutting mat, this will be easier. 

If not, Use your ruler and draw a chalk line, then cut with your scissors. 


Next create the armhole. 

Measure from your collar bone to your underarm.

Apply that measurement to your fabric but remember to factor in your drawstring casing. 

For example, if the drawstring casing will be 2" total, add 2" to the armhole measurement. 

Now use your ruler to cut on an angle.

It should create a trapezoid shape on the top.


Pin your side seams and sew.


Fold over the drawstring casing, pin and sew. 

The measurement of your casing is based off whatever drawstring you're using. 

I made all of mine 1" wide.


Slide your drawstring through the front and the back and you're done!

The fabric I used cuts clean so I didn't need to hem any of my edges!! it was a total score!



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