How to DIY Bad A$$ BELL BOTTOM Jeans!! (No-SEW) - by Orly Shani

This is the ONLY tutorial you'll ever need if you want to make your own Bell Bottom Jeans!

The 70's are officially back baby, so now.... now's the time!

TIP: Start with jeans that are as close to boot cut or straight leg as possible.

Skinny jeans will look janky af, so skip those.

If you can find boot cut, that will give you the most natural result!

BUY: Donor Jeans...You need a pair of jeans that have a similar wash and ideally, the similar thread color as your jeans.

The top of the jeans are irrelevant, (you're only using the bottom anyway) so check out the men's section too!

Always try them on before you glue or sew the panel in to place. (you can put the piece on the inseam out outside, depending on your preference)

This way you can make small adjustments before you finalize it.

And ask me questions!!

I'm here to help you :) Thanks for watching.