DIY: How to Make Shattered Glass Heels! - by Orly Shani

I mean, have you ever!!!!?

These are showstoppers if there ever were any.

There is one product that makes this all come together and it's called Sugru.

THIS IS NOT AN AD but I did ask them for discount code since I'm giving them such a legit shout out ;)

If you want to grab some head to and use code "SugruCraft".

It's a moldable glue which dries hard BUT flexible.

Something about that combination allows it to grip onto the mirror while also not cracking under the pressure of your footsteps.

It's amazing!


Boots- from EGO SHOES. They're sold out :(

Mirror Mosaic Tiles-

Sugru- (Need approx 6 packets PER shoe. Depending on how big your heel is)