DIY: Chair MAKEOVER! Woven Leather Belt Chair

In today's video I show you how to take old leather belts from the thrift store and turn it into this CUSTOM, gorgeous, statement piece for your home! You can use all one color, or alternate colors but I would recommend buying belts that are similar in width because this will help you get a tight weave. Look around your house and see which colors will work the best but when in doubt, an all black chair is always chic!

The best chair to purchase is one with a wooden or metal back (no fabric padding) If you the back is upholstered not only will you NEED to cover it with the leather but it will be much more difficult to do because there is no where to hide your staples.

By choosing a chair like the one I did, I was able to add a few belts and have all the buckles exposed in the back as a design detail.



Staple Gun

Studs or Rivets (Optional)