DIY Mosaic License Plate Holder

I love these Mosaic license plate holders!!

They're geometric, and textured and super custom looking.

My favorite part is that with the EXACT same materials, you can create a completely different look...

just depending on the colors you choose.

I created a soft ombre look that felt sort of beachy and a bold pop of color as well.

They're both so cool and textured!


Mixed Tiles Mosaic


License plate holder


Apply a thin layer of glue to onle about 6" of the license plate holder.

Don't add glue to the entire thing because you don't want it to dry before you get to that point.

Begin layering your mosaic tiles in your desired design.

You may want to mix and match different shapes to create a better fit.

Before you start gluing you can always lay them out first.

Ta Da!

For the Ombre style, be sure to divide out your colors so that you can see what will look nice together.

Then start adding them to the holder gradually changing color as you go.

The wider parts of the license plate holder may require two rows so play around with the right fit BEFORE you glue it down.