DIY Oversized Hair Bows!


Bows are back and bigger than ever!

This is a super simple, no-sew DIY.



1/4 yard farbic

Fabric Glue





Cut your fabric into 6" x 8" piece.

Flip it over and fold the ends into the center. 

This will create a seam down the center of the back and a clean finished front.

Use your iron to PRESS the seams so they are crisp.


This isn't absolutely necessary but you can angle the corners in a bit so that it tapers in on the ends. 

This will ensure that the BACK of the bow doesn't show from the FRONT side because it's just a tiny bit smaller.  

If you do this step, you will want to add glue at this seam to make sure it stays in place. 

If not, no glue is needed at this step.



Fold the right and left into the center


Add Fabric glue to that center seam.


 Flip it over and this is what it will look like...not much eh? ;) 

It should just be a clean finished rectangle.



Cut a long piece 12" x 2"

Fold the ends into the center and press with an iron.

Add fabric glue all along that center seam to ensure it stays closed.


Create an accordion by creating 3 folds in your bow.



Attach the long skinny piece that you just made with fabric glue to the bottom side of bow. 

The bottom and top will lat flay so it should be easy to glue.



Wrap the tie around the bow one full time and then glue it closed in the BACK



Cut off the excess and add a large dollop of glue and hold the tie for a few seconds until it dries.



Rather than attaching a hairlip before I wrapped the tie around, 

I chose to slide a hair clip into the tie so that I could take it out and use the bow for something else later.

But if you aren't planning on doing that, take your hair clip and lay it onto the backside of the bow,

THEN wrap your tie around it and fasten with glue!








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