DIY Ombre Shower Curtain

Ignore every tutorial that tells you to DIP DYE to create an ombre look....

This is THE only ombre tutorial you will ever need!!!

I was so stoked when I came up with this technique and I can't wait to share it with you.

Dip dying leaves you with an uneven, chunky design and ombre, by definition, is supposed to be the gradual change in color.

So by using the gardening mister you're basically able to airbrush your curtain, creating the perfect ombre!!!


Garden Sprayer


Cricut Iron On Foil Paper


Dampen your shower curtain and hang it up.


Mix your dye and hot water into the sprayer.

Pump it until you can't pump it anymore and click it closed.

Best sure to spray onto your drop cloth first to get out and sputtering or air bubbles.


Always start your sprayer OFF the curtain and make your way in for a more even look.

Start layering your way up.


Leave the top 12" white.

You will want to take a step back and look at your curtain.

This will help you see where you need to add more color or even things out.

It may look slightly stripey like mine does but as it dries, the color evens out and looks like this!!


Adding the bold text is optional but SOOOO cool

You will print your text out on your computer to size.

Tape each letter directly onto the FRONT of the Cricut Iron On Foil Paper

Cut the letters out and place it directly onto your shower curtain.

Once your placement is set, hold it down with weights or a few pieces of tape.

Begin to iron directly onto the front side of the foil on the hottest setting.

The plastic covering will peel right off revealing a soft foil that is embedded into your fabric!!!

It's incredible!!