DIY Copper Pipe Magazine Holder

I was so happy to get the chance to make this magazine holder for my house!

I'm a huge fan on copper and I loved the idea of making the fabric panel reversible.

Whether you have the printed fabric face in or out, it's a fun pop!


You want 3/4" copper pipe


4 - 12" pieces

4 - 18" pieces

8- elbows

1 yard of each fabric.

Sewing machine


You won't need to build this until you sew your panel but this is what the structure should look like.

Two of the 12" pieces will go on the top.

Add an elbow to each and then put the 18" pieces into those 4 sides.

Add another elbow on the bottom of the 18" pipes to connect the two sides.

You will use the remaining 12" pieces to connect it.

Ok let's make our panel!!

Cut two pieces 13" x 46" (one in each fabric)

Lay your panels face to face and pin.

Sew your side seams with a straight stitch but leave your ends open.

Flip it inside out!

Press your sides to create a really crisp edge between the two fabrics.

I stitched my ends closed because it would make the next step easier.

I then pressed a 1/4" crease at the top so I could create a clean finished casing


Now fold over your fabric 2 1/4" to create the casing that will house your pipe.

When you get to the ends, you may need to hand sew them closed because its quite a few layers of thick fabric there.

Now open the structure up, slide it onto the top pipe and close it up.

Now do the same thing on the other side!!

If you have the ability to weld the pipes together, be my guest!

But I chose to add a decent amount of E6000 to each seam. This piece won't get much movement once it's placed so that should be fine for us!

Ta Da!!!