DIY No Sew Poncho Cardigan

This cardigan is entirely NO-SEW and can be made for under $20!!! heck yas!

This is on of my favorite looks for Fall because even though they were presented on the runways,

they transition into everyday life seamlessly.


1.5 - 2 yards of fabric

(The more material you buy, the longer the poncho will be)

Curtain Grommets


Pen or Chalk



Fold your fabric lengthwise, salvage to salvage.

This will be the width of your poncho on each side.

Now mark your center point, and cut open your front.

To do this, just curve the top and then cut straight to the bottom.

You want to only cut out about 2"

Now you will open the poncho and put it on, with the opening in front like a cardigan.

Mark with a pin or chalk where you want your grommet holes on the front and the back.

Lay your fabric out and use the little paper pattern that the grommet package came with.

Cut the circle out of your fabric and follow the directions to place your curtain grommet on the fabric.

It will click into place with your palm.

Now your belt loops are in and you're done!

Simply run a belt through the loops and rock your cardigan.