Turn Old Perfume Bottles INTO Fragrance Diffusers

I love this DIY because it's so simple and takes NO crafting skill whatsoever.

I personally use fragrance diffusers all the time because I love to have a beautiful smelling house but I don't always want to burn my nice candles ;)

You can use old perfume bottles that you've saved overtime (or buy very cheap new ones) and turn it into a diffuser in a snap!


Your old Perfume Bottle


Vintage Style Bottles

Egyptian Style Bottles

Square Bottles

Fragrance Oil

Reed Sticks

Take your old perfume bottles... or buy inexpensive ones here or here.

Take an eye dropper, or better yet, a tiny funnel and open you fragrance oil and reed sticks.

Take the applicator off all the bottles.

Some screw off and some pop off, just remove it however you can.

Next collect vintage buttons and tiny flowers or any old broken jewelry you have.

I started to sort them into colors and vibes that worked well together.

Then I took my precision hot glue gun and started to apply the flowers in a cluster.

Pay attention to the colors and the sizes so that you have balance.

I prefer the way it looks off to one side but you could of course cover the whole bottle.

Use the tiny funnel or the eye dropper to fill the bottle with the fragrance oil.

Next fit as many reed sticks inside as you can and that's it!