Baby #3 or Nah?

Right off the bat these are the reasons I SHOULD not have more kids....

I have two healthy and happy kids that I love to death!!

I have one boy and one girl.

They are hilarious and love the hell out of each other.

We just bought a new house,

we're about to start construction on the new house,

my husband started a new (very high stress job),

I work full time

AND I'm trying to build TheDIYdesigner every second I can.

So needless to say, most days I feel pretty overwhelmed and like I couldn't possibly handle any more.

HOWEVER, as a family, I feel incomplete.

I feel like we have one more little soul that's destined to join this family and I just can't shake that feeling.

I wish I could, because then we could be done!

I could finally throw out all the old baby stuff, stop hoping for a missed period, maybe get my boobs done (breast feeding made my already small boobs non existent. BOOO!)

So I wish I could say that I was done because it would make life so much simpler.

Because while I can't possibly imagine adding anymore madness into the mix... I just don't feel done.

It's an odd feeling for me. I honestly never thought I wanted to get married, never thought I wanted kids....none of it.

But after meeting Mike I knew I wanted those things with him.

And now that we have two kids, I know the feeling of wanting more. I surprised even myself but I think I should listen to that instinct no?

Any thoughts or experience you can share?!