DIY Custom Dishwear

This DIY looks so custom and fancy but you'll freak when you realize how simple it truly is!!

While I did this for Valentine's Day, it would make a fabulous gift for literally any occasion.

If you are planning to entertain soon, consider making these custom place settings for your guests.

Let's Do It!


Glass Dishes:

Glass Coffee Mugs:

Sharpie NON-TOXIC Paint Pen

Or These

Printer and Paper




To create your graphic, first pick a font.

If you don't have a font you love then head over to

You can download any font for free as long as it's for personal use.

I used Aldine


Measure the area that you want to add the text to and size your graphic accordingly.

My plates were 6" wide and I did the same for the mugs.


Print your graphic out for your mugs and tape it to the INSIDE of the glass mug.

IF you don't want the font to wrap around the mug, then you can cut it into two rows like I did on this one above.


For the plates, be sure to INVERT the image so that it reads backwards.

This way you can tape it to the INSIDE of the plate, flip it over and trace your text on the backside.

The markers are non-toxic but you still don't want them to be on the food side of your dishes.


Trace right over your text!!

If it doesn't come out opaque enough for your taste, wait until it dries and do a second layer.

I only needed one layer for my red but two for my white.