My Holiday Break

You guys we actually had a holiday break this year!!!

The show I work on, Home & Family, filmed a few shows in advance so that we could have the holiday off with our families!

I had 9 full days off and I swear, I didn't know what to do with myself.

Unfortunately, my husband had to work most of the holidays so we couldn't go to NY to visit our family on his side, but I was off.

Of course anyone if you have kids then you know, there is no real time off haha.

"Oh it's a blessing...they're a gift from god".... I know ;) But man! Sometimes you just want 9 days off from EVERYthing.

But it was a lovely time to connect with my kids, spend a lot of time working on the new house and try to set my intention for the New Year!

Here's a few photos from my break :)


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