My Holiday Break

You guys we actually had a holiday break this year!!!

The show I work on, Home & Family, filmed a few shows in advance so that we could have the holiday off with our families!

I had 9 full days off and I swear, I didn't know what to do with myself.

Unfortunately, my husband had to work most of the holidays so we couldn't go to NY to visit our family on his side, but I was off.

Of course anyone if you have kids then you know, there is no real time off haha.

"Oh it's a blessing...they're a gift from god".... I know ;) But man! Sometimes you just want 9 days off from EVERYthing.

But it was a lovely time to connect with my kids, spend a lot of time working on the new house and try to set my intention for the New Year!

Here's a few photos from my break :)

Grandma and Grandpa (Mike's parents) gave the kids this wagon. It's too cute
our amazing neighbors had us over for NYE!
my boy
My aunt (center front in the floral dress) Throws Xmas Eve every year and it's just gorgeous! We're so lucky to have so much family close by.
The full fam